A Special Edition Bundle For Black Friday

Two Enormous sounding Rock Kits!

Eatsleepdrums is delighted to present this special Black Friday duo sample pack that includes two gorgeous sounding rock kits.

First up, everyone and their dog seems to have released a Led Zeppelin themed drum sample pack so here's my take on it. Recorded in a lobby at the bottom of three wooden staircases in a music recital building, this kit offers up that glorious vintage Zeppelin sound but with a slightly modern twist.

Next up, a glorious sounding rock kit recorded in a scoring stage in Ireland. Big shells in a big room mean enormous, ambient and punchy drum sounds! 

I've also listened to customers who have requested that I make special blends of the samples so that they can be more easily used in samplers so I've provided multi-velocity wav files for each drum. These include separate dry, natural and ambient blends. This adds further versatility to the sample packs and will be included as a staple moving forward.

Included in the download:

Presets for Trigger.

Multi-Velocity 24-bit wav file blends of all drums (Dry, natural and ambient).

Modern Zep includes samples for Kick, Snare, Rack, Floor Tom 1 and Floor Tom 2.

Epic Rock includes samples for Kick, Snare, Rack and Floor



Check out the audio examples below of these beautiful sounding samples.

Eatsleepdrums Black Friday 2023 Pack
  • Eatsleepdrums Black Friday 2023 Pack

Eatsleepdrums Black Friday 2023 Pack

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A special Eatsleepdrums duo-sample pack released for Black Friday 2023 featuring the 'Modern Zep' and 'Epic Rock' kits.

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