Four Snare Drums, One Aim - Fatness!

Brass, Maple and Aluminium shells.

There's been a renaissance in snare drum sounds in recent years where people are reverting to lower, fatter, dampened sounds. This is music to my ears because it's a sound I love!

Provided here in this sample pack are four beautifully sampled brass, maple and aluminium snare drums, tuned low and dampened with industry standard accessories designed to make your snare sound 'big and fat'.

The snares are extremely weighty, punchy and deceptively versatile and will be perfectly at home in a rock, pop, hip hop, ambient or country application.

Seven velocity layers and nine samples per layer are provided on each drum ensuring that the resulting sound is incredibly natural. The user has control over the close mic'ed sound, mono overhead and stereo room mics so that the blend can be tailored to suit any desired application.

Trigger presets are provided along with all 24bit Wav files. Make sure to check out the sound clips below to hear the snares in action!

Big Fat Snares Drum Sample Pack For Trigger
  • Big Fat Snares Drum Sample Pack For Trigger

Big Fat Snares Drum Sample Pack For Trigger

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A collection of four multi velocity sampled snare drums tuned low, dampened and delivering maximum fatness and punch!

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Big Fat Snares Audio Clips

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