Current Trigger Sample Packs

Here you'll find an ever expanding collection of drum sample packs for trigger ranging from specifically modeled kits, producer themed kits, album themed kits and song themed kits. While each library may be heavily influenced by a particular sound, they are versatile enough to fit in many different genres and styles. My philosophy is based on recording natural sounding samples with a slight 'nudge' in the direction that they want to go. There is no 'overbaking at eatsleepdrums!


Previously Released Trigger Packs

The classic Beatles 'Tea Towel' Drum Sound from an Eatsleepdrums Perspective! A famous vintage sound that still works perfectly well in contemporary music

90's Era British Pop revisited. A gorgeous Ludwig/Rogers combo setup recorded with both sticks and hot rods to give you a wide array of sound options for your drums.

90'S Grunge and Rock Represented! This pack is an Eatsleepdrums interpretation of what a hybid drum sound from 'In Utero' and 'Nevermind' may have sounded like. Big, punchy drum tones that are absolutely perfect for your rock tracks!

Four fat, punchy snares, tuned low and dampened with Big Fat Snare Drum dampening devices! Perfect for rock, pop, indie, country or any other music where only the beefiest sounding snares will suffice!

A collection of hand selected snare drums cranked up for maximum smack! Maple, brass, birch and mahogany snares are included for maximum versatility.

Bring back the 70's with this super cool rototoms sample pack recorded in a lush music recital hall in the North West of Ireland!

The original Eatsleepdrums snare sample pack and still the best seller - Four gorgeous brass, aluminium and maple snare drums recorded in a tight room for a perfect blend of punch and articulation.