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Welcome to the groove arcade

Over 770 loops, grooves and fills in 24bit/48kHz format to elevate your productions to rock and roll bliss. NOW ALSO INCLUDES 200 MIDI FILES!!

Groove Arcade is a one-stop drum shop for anyone looking to kick-start their creative process, whether you're a songwriter or producer in the rock, pop, country or classic rock genres needing some inspiring drum loops to get your tracks firing on all cylinders.

Having spent a number of years producing drum sample packs, I wanted to draw on my 30+ years as an actual professional drummer on major label releases, in professional pit orchestras and even on an Oscar nominated blockbuster movie and combine that experience with my engineering capabilities to produce a drum library that I hope, will inspire all those who use it. As a left-handed player who plays a right-handed setup and having studied with drumming legends Jojo Mayer and Steve White, my style is slightly random and eclectic and it leads to my playing having a unique feel and vibe – Which is so much fun. I hope this comes across in the library.

The pack is split into two banks - 386 loops with included room mic signals and then the same 386 loops completely dry, making the pack incredibly versatile regardless of your requirements. The loops are presented at four different tempi - 75bpm, 95bpm, 120bpm and 140bpm and there are no repeating grooves within any of the tempo ranges - every groove is unique! The grooves are generally two bars in length and the fills are one bar in length.

All loops are in 24bit/48kHz format and as a result of communication from numerous customers the pack now also includes 200 MIDI files of the most useful grooves, fills and patterns from the pack

Within the pack you'll find dozens of different grooves and fills. Dotted note grooves, straight grooves, ride cymbal grooves, sloshy hats grooves, tight hats grooves, toms driven grooves - Absolutely tonnes of variations for you to construct unique and entirely believable drum patterns.

Of course, no drum library would be completed without a comprehensive collection of drum fills and this pack delivers by the bucket-load with 'standard fills', triplet fills, silent downbeat fills and even some fills which might get you sacked on a gig!

Completing the pack is a selection of one-shots featuring the drums used in the recordings (a 1970s Slingerland with Ludwig Supraphonic snare drum, 1950’s Zildjian Hats and Istanbul K Zildjian Ride, 1950’s Avedis Crashes and EAK Zildjian Crash) plus a collection of cymbal one-shots so that you can seamlessly piece together any of the groove/fills combination to your liking.

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Groove Arcade Loops Library

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The first Eatsleepdrums loop library created to inspire musicians, songwriters and producers who need to give their drum parts a kick start. Over 770 loops (And a bonus 200 MIDI files) including straight grooves, dotted grooves, sloshy hats grooves, ride cymbal grooves, tom driven grooves, syncopated grooves and a vast collection of drum fills.

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200 MIDI files now Included

A breakdown of the various loop types included in the library

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