The glorious Sounds of 90's Era British Pop - Captured With Rods And Sticks!

A vintage Ludwig and Gretsch combo sampled with Hot Rods and Sticks - Perfect for pop, rock, folk and acoustic music!

Throughout the mid to late 90's Britpop took the world by storm and Oasis were regarded as the leading lights of that movement.

This sample pack pays homage to the organic, ambient and vibe fuelled drum sounds on their 'What's The Story Morning Glory' album with the usual Eatsleepdrums focus on a natural, organic capture. The vintage Ludwig and Gretsch combo kit has been sampled with sticks and with hot rods with up to 9 velocity layers and 9 hits per layer to ensure an extremely natural end result.

Of course, the inclusion of the hot rods samples means that this sample pack can be used for a wide range of acoustic music, whereas the sticks samples can be used for anything that requires a bit more rigor, while still sounding beautifully rich and organic.

Check out the videos and audio demos to hear how natural these samples sound both isolated and within the context of a mix! The pack includes presets for Trigger and also contains all 24bit WAV files.

Video Content

Hot Rods Example

Sticks Example

Audio Content