Rustic Shots - Fat, Organic, Vibe Fuelled one Shots!

Rustic Shots is a one shot drum sample pack which provides organic, fat, rustic drum sounds. Many one shot packs are focused primarily at the rock and metal genres but this pack offers a wonderful alternative. The drum samples presented here are particularly suitable for mixers or producers working within the of genres of Indie, Pop, Soft Rock, Folk or any music that requires a more organic approach.

The pack comes with samples of fifteen kick drums, twenty snare drums and six toms. Each drum comes with FIVE different variations;



1) A 'dry' version which is the natural sound of the drums recorded through Neve or API preamps, gently caressed by Distressors and 1176 compressors and Avalon and Neve EQ's. Very natural sounding!

2) Each of the samples has been run through a Sony DRE-2000 reverb unit, on the Reverb D setting, with a one second reverb time.

3) Each sample has been simultaneously run through Neve and API preamps and driven into a beautiful analog distortion. Adding in this layer (which has been phase aligned with the original dry hits) adds a vintage, gritty, vibe to the drums which can help them to more easily sit in a mix.

4) All samples have been printed through a Revox PR99 1/4 inch two track tape machine.

5) All samples have been run through an 1176 in all buttons in mode to increase the sustain of each sample.

By mixing and matching the various blends the attack, sustain, punch, space and transient response of each drum can be tailored to fit the needs of the music.

All samples are provided in 24bit WAV format and Slate Trigger users can avail of the dozens of presets that have been created for each of the drums.

Video and Audio Examples